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Below are some full ZZ walkthroughs, illustrating use of the various LL options.

    B2 L F R2 B R L' F2 D' B F2 R U' D L' F2 D R2 F' U D L D2 B2 R'
EOLine (6 moves)
    F R' U' L2 F D'
6 bad edges, three in F, one in B. Aiming for group 2 positions. Immediate F leaves 4 bad edges, one in F. Careful placement of remaining three bad edges results in DF edges in group-2 positions, one move away from solution.
F2L (28 moves)
    LH 1x2x2 block: U L U' L' U2 L'
    RH 1x2x2 block: R' L' U' R U2 R2 U2 R
    RH 1x1x2 block: U2 R2 U2 R' U' R U' R2
    LH 1x1x2 block: U L U2 L' U' L
OCLL (9 moves)
   U' r U R' U' L' U R U' x'
PLL (G-perm, 12 moves)
   R2' u' R U' R U R' u R2 y R U' R'
55 moves slow fast

    L' F2 U' B2 F' R' B' R' U2 R L F B2 U B D' U2 F2 L U' F2 D2 F D2 R
EOLine (6 moves)
    R D' R' L2 F' B2
Four bad edges, two in F. Line edges set-up for group-1 line. Bad edges placed into F-face, orientation places first line-edge.
F2L (28 moves)
    RH 1x2x2 block: U L U2 R' L2 U2 R'
    RH 1x1x2 block: U L2 U' R' U' R
    LH 1x2x2 block: L2 U' L' U' L' U2 L'
    LH 1x1x2 block: U' L' U' L U L' U2 L
COLL (Pi case, 14 moves)
    U' F R2 U' R U' R U' R' U2 R' U R2 F'
EPLL (H-perm, 8 moves)
    M2 U M2 U2 M2 U M2 U2
56 moves slow fast

    U' L' U F' R2 B F' R' F L R' B' D' U' B R2 B2 R B' F2 L D2 L' D2 U2
EOLine (7 moves)
    F' D' F' R U2 B D2
6 bad edges: 2 in F, 1 in B. Line edges in group-1 positions. Initial F' moves bad edges in F to make placement easier, while maintaining DB edge's group-1 position. D' placed bad edges into F and B. F' then eliminates 3 bad edges (creating 1). R U2 places bad edges into B. B then clears the last bad edges, preparing DF for placement. D2 places the line edges.
F2L (22 moves)
    RH 1x2x2 block: U2 R U R
    LH 1x2x2 block: U' L' U2 L' U' L'
    RH 1x2x2 block: U' R U' R' U2 R U' R'
    LH 1x2x2 block: U L' U2 L
ZBLL (headlights case/AUF, 15 moves)
    R2 D L' D2 R' U R D R' D U' L D' R' U
44 moves slow fast

    B' U' L B2 F2 R' B F2 L F U' R' F L' U B' L2 B' F2 R D' F2 R2 F2 D'
EOLine (5 moves)
    B' L' F' L D'
8 bad edges: 4 in B, 3 in F. Line edges both in group 2 positions. B' eliminates four edges while ensuring the completed 1x1x2 block is preserved while placing the RH bad edge. L' places the last edge into F. F' eliminates bad edges while preparing the DB edge for placement. L D' places the line.
F2L (24 moves)
    LH 1x2x2 block: L U2 R2 L U L'
    RH 1x2x2 block: U R U2 R
    RH 1x1x2 block: U' R U2 R' U R U' R'
    LH 1x1x2 block: U L' U' L U2 L'
Phasing (6 moves)
    U2 L U' L' U2 L
ZZLL (headlights case/AUF, 14 moves)
    B U2 R U R' B' U R U2 R' B U2 B' U'
49 moves slow fast

    D' B U2 L2 D2 B2 R' B F R D F' U' D F D2 F2 L' B L R2 D2 F2 D2 U
EOLine (7 moves)
    B D' F' D2 F' R' F'
12 bad edges: Four on B, three on F. Line edges in group 1. Initial B creates 6-edge case. D creates 4-edge case on F in such a way that future bad edge placement will also place the DB edge. F' eliminated four edges and prepares DB for placement. D2 places one bad edge into F while placing DB. F' fixes one bad edge. R' swaps fixed edge with bad edge. F' eliminates final bad edges and places DF.
F2L (final block positioned for WV, 24 moves)
    LH 1x2x2 block: U' L U R' U L
    RH 1x2x2 block: U' R L U2 R U R
    LH 1x1x2 block: U2 R U R' U' L'
    RH 1x1x2 block: R U R' U R
WV (11 moves)
    U2 L U' R' U R L' U R' U R
PLL (G-perm/AUF, 13 moves)
    F2 D' L U' L U L' D F2 R U' R' U'
55 moves slow fast

    L U2 L' F L R2 D L2 U2 B' U' B' U R2 D' L U2 R D2 L U' L2 B L U'
EOLine (6 moves)
    B2 U' R2 B L' D
Four bad edges. B2 removes the bad edges from the BU and BR places and makes space for RU and RB. B is chosen here because it allows the DF edge to be placed in proper relation to the DB edge. D aligns the line edges.
F2L (18 moves, setup for EJF2L)
    RH 1x2x2 block: U R' L' U2 R' U'
    LH 1x2x2 block: L' R' U R' U'
    LH 1x1x2 block: L2 U2 R U L
    RH 1x1x2 block: U2 R'
CLS (14 moves)
    U2 R U' R' U R U2 R' L' U R U' L R'
PLL (F-perm/AUF, 16 moves)
    U R U' R' U R2 y R U R' U' x U' R' U R U2 x' U2 y'
54 moves slow fast

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Last updated: 7th August 2016